Things taste better when they’re passed to you from a canoe

Today was busy again.  We started indecisive, so we got massages.  I’ve never had one!  So that being the case it was maybe more stressful than relaxing (’cause like what are you supposed to DO with like your limbs and whatnot?), but definitely worth it after a couple days of schlepping around a backpack and walking and walking and walking.

Tory was relaxed:


After that we got some lunch on Khao San Road.  From there we worked out how to get to the Amphawa Floating Market, about an hour and a half outside of Bangkok.  We had to start from Victory Monument, which is a massive traffic circle layered with an equally massive pedestrian bridge encircling the top.  It took a lot of asking many, many people to figure out the right minivan to take, but we did make it to the right one eventually.

The Floating Market is another sensory barrage.  It’s a canal filled with canoes and motorboats that’s lined on either side with markets going up and down all of the side streets.  To eat, you sit on a bench along the water and order from the canoes, which are filled with charcoal grills and ladies making delicious seafood.  We had squid, prawns, scallops, and crispy fried fish and it was as fantastic as it sounds.  We also tried our luck with the notorious durian fruit — so smelly that guests are banned from bringing it into hotels.  It honestly wasn’t that bad.  Kind of like a less juicy melon.

Tomorrow — on to Chiang Mai, if we can figure out this online check-in.

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